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Family Information Form

Family Information Form (FIF)

This form needs to be completed in one session. There is no opportunity to save the form part way.

We will be asking for the following pieces of information about your daughter throughout the form:

- Contact details and address of preferably three, but at least two contacts.

- Details of any medical conditions and any medications taken.

- You will be asked to carry out a check for additional funding from the Department for Education. This requires the National Insurance number of one parent/carer that lives in the same house as your daughter's main residence.

- Your daughter's choice of Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish).

- Your daughter's interest in musical instrument lessons.

Please complete all sections of this online form by Friday 6th May 2022, the day before your daughter attends school for her NFER Testing on Saturday 7th May 2022.

Family Information Form Link

Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement is a three page booklet which details how the St Philomena's family of students, Governors, staff and parents work together to support each other.

Please read through the Home School Agreement carefully with your daughter and use the link to submit your agreement to this document using the online form.

Home School Agreement Form Link

Please ensure that you have submitted your agreement as soon as possible, and at the latest by Friday 6th May 2022.


Lockers will be allocated at the beginning of term and will need to be paid for on Parent Pay at a cost of £10.00, plus a £1.00 charge for Parent Pay.

Pupil Premium students are allocated a locker free of charge.

Prepared for Learning Information Sheet

Prepared for Learning-Equipment List.pdf

School Meals

Sample Menu from Chartwells who supply school meals at St Philomena’s

Menu Sample 2020.pdf