Anytime, Anywhere Learning (AAL) Scheme

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Anytime Anywhere Learning (AAL)

As a Google reference school we use Google Suite for Education for Teaching and Learning. We encourage all students to have a Chromebook. The school runs a scheme called Anytime Anywhere Learning. For Year 7 we will launch this scheme with parents in Autumn B with the portal opening to communicate payment plans and information about buying a Chromebook. The Chromebooks then get distributed to students in Spring B to students. There are options to buy out right or over a payment plan pay either 1, 2 or 3 years.

There is an option if you already have a Chromebook or want to purchase one yourself and not join the scheme that you can pay £43 to have the safeguarding software added to your device, which the school will do to ensure that your daughter is safe when working online.

PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY ALLOW CHROMEBOOKS IN SCHOOL - no Windows or Mac computers as they do not run on our operating systems.

More information to follow on this and you will all be invited to the AAL evening in the Autumn B term.

Any specific questions please email