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What are the timings of the school day?

The school follows a two week timetable.

Week 1 is known as Alpha Week and Week 2 is known as Omega Week. You can find out which week is Alpha and Omega by visiting the front page of the school's website.

The school day begins at 8.30am and finishes at 3.00pm.

Currently, the morning break is 25 minutes in length from 10.45am to 11.10am and the lunch is 50 minutes long from 1.10pm to 2.00pm.

Each lesson is 1 hour long

What is the school's mobile phone policy?

Mobile phones are allowed to and from school, but as soon as your daughter reaches the school, phones have to be physically turned off and locked in her locker. Mobile phones can not be on your daughter's person.

Checks are carried out. If a student has their mobile phone on them, it will be confiscated till the end of the day. A Behaviour Point will be given and an internal exclusion.

If this happens multiple times, then the matter will be escalated to ascertain why a student cannot follow a reasonable instruction, so support can be given to prevent it happening again.

What happens if my daughter is late to school?

Your daughter will need to go to the late sign in desk at the front of Reception and report to a member of the school's Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to state their reason for being late, they will be marked as late and a note will be written in their planner to be shown to parents.

Should lateness persist, your daughter may be expected to attend school on a Saturday morning from 9am- 12 noon in full uniform.

What happens if my daughter is late through the fault of transportation links?

Providing your daughter can prove that the transport was late, she can sign in and it won't count as a late, but will be recorded as one as will the time she arrived at school.

What languages can my daughter study in Year 7?

French and or Spanish

Students in the top two sets study both French and Spanish in Year 7

What is the school's bullying policy?

See the policies section on the school website - www.stphils.org.uk

What are the school sanctions?

We offer achievement points and you will be able to see these on Edulink in the same way we issue behaviour points. These could be for lateness, non completion of work or poor behaviour.

Is there a chance to learn musical instruments?

On the online Family Information Form there is a section regarding musical instruments and you can select to show your interest in instrumental music lessons for your daughter. You will then be contacted by the relevant peripatetic music teacher regarding your daughter's chosen instrument/s and to set up the lessons.

Please complete the online Family Information Form by Saturday 8th May 2021 to ensure that the Music Department has your daughter's musical instrument choice.

It is also possible for your daughter to collect a form regarding musical instrument lessons from the Music Department after joining the school.

Please note there is a cost for musical instrument lessons which are taught by outside peripatetic music teachers.

Does my daughter need to bring money to school?

We are a cashless school and those students for whom Biometric Consent has been received will register with their fingerprint for cashless payments in the Dining Hall.

As a parent you will need to monitor this account and top up funds when needed.