2020 Transfer to Secondary School (TSS)

New Intake Transition to Year 7

Welcome to the St Philomena's transition website. Please register on the form below then scroll down this page for further information. There are also links at the top of the page to other sections of the website.

Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to our Transition website, a dedicated space that you can access any time, that will provide you and your daughter with up to date information prior to her starting Year 7, a new Key Stage (KS), KS3 at St Philomena's in September 2020.

The current COVID-19 situation has unfortunately resulted in substantial changes to our Transition Programme for the new Year 7 Intake expected in September 2020. We are people of faith and we cherish human relationships, so to transition our young people, new to our school community remotely without human contact is definitely not something our school community envisaged. Given the situation we are in, I feel we have very little choice, but to do the next best thing and make the process as smooth as possible to alleviate any concerns, worries or anxieties, either you or your daughter may have.

As Easter people, full of hope, trust and belief in Christ, I feel confident that the process of waiting and the anticipation of starting a new journey will increase the excitement and hunger for learning, for new friendships and new experiences .

As you know, the New Intake Parents’ Meeting scheduled for Thursday 23rd April has had to be cancelled. We recently informed you by email that we would be posting the New Intake Transition Packs to families. However, as the COVID-19 situation develops, we have amended our plans and have instead created this website. Some of the future dates may also change, but we will communicate that with you in due course.

This website contains all the Transition Forms which would have been given to you at the New Intake Parents’ Meeting. Please read the information that accompanies each form carefully since we have had to change the instructions given to you in the email sent on 31st March.

You will also find information about Induction events, the New Intake Meetings with Senior Staff and Governors, Student Transition work, and the St Philomena's Parents Association (SPA). We hope you will find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section helpful. This section will be added to and if you have any transition questions, please submit them via the online form in the FAQs section and the school will update accordingly.

Finally, we hope that you will watch our pre-recorded version of the Parents' Meeting which would have been presented on Thursday 23rd April.

I end my brief introduction by expressing to you my delight and joy at being able to offer your daughter a place at our school. I wait with anticipation to personally meet her, to welcome and get to know her more fully, to watch her grow and to accompany her as she prepares to begin a new chapter in her young life here at St Philomena's. The staff and I look forward to meeting you, her parents/carers as you all become a much valued member of our family.

With every good wish and blessings for the coming months.

Yours faithfully

Ms Noone BSc (Hons) MBA


Induction Information

Pre-Induction Day

We will be holding a Pre-Induction event, by invitation, for students who may be the only one or one of a small number transferring from their primary school to St Philomena's. This event is intended as an ice-breaker for these students, a chance to familiarise themselves with the school, and a time when they can meet some of their peers before the main Induction Day.

This Pre-Induction event is scheduled for Wednesday 10th June 2020 from 2pm - 4pm and invitations will be sent to all relevant families in due course.

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we will keep you informed if the meetings will take place.

Report to Reception on arrival. Entrance via Shorts Road only [for SATNAV purposes, the postcode for this entrance is SM5 2PB].

Induction Day

The Induction Day is CANCELLED for all New Intake students on Wednesday 1st July 2020 from 8.15am - 2.45pm due to the current pandemic.

Your daughter should take a seat in the School Chapel on arrival. Your daughter should wear her junior school uniform. Lunch will be provided free of charge by the school. However, if your daughter has any special dietary requirements, we advise that she brings a packed lunch.

Parking will be available on the field, to the left as your drive into the school for you when you drop your daughter off and collect her. The vehicle entrance is via Shorts Road only [for SATNAV purposes, the postcode for this entrance is SM5 2PB].

At the end of the Induction Day on Wednesday 1st July 2020 from 2.45pm - 4.30pm the St. Philomena’s Parents’ Association (SPA) will provide Afternoon Tea and a nearly new uniform sale for parents and students. Parents should join their daughters in the School grounds from 2.45pm.

Primary School Visits

Between the 8th June and the 19th June the Senior Leadership Team will visit a core number of primary schools to welcome tour new intake of students and give them information about the school.

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we will keep you informed if the meetings will take place.

St Philomena's Parents Association (SPA)

Dear Parent or carer,

St Philomena’s Parent and Teacher Association (SPA) needs your help.

SPA exists to help fund projects within the school which would otherwise be unaffordable or take more time to be completed.

The projects funded have a direct impact on the education of all students at the school.

SPA is supported by a very small group of dedicated volunteers who organize and run all the events and activities and we need more people to get involved to spread the workload and make more money to fund more projects.

So what may stop you getting involved in SPA?

  • You may think that it’s a big commitment: it isn’t, you can volunteer for just a couple of hours, once a year or more frequently if you wish.

  • You may think it’s hard work: don’t worry, there are tasks to suit everyone of all abilities, skills and experience,

  • You may think it’s boring: it isn’t, SPA have lots of fun, delivering worthwhile events that raise funds for the school.

  • You may think you will not be welcomed: I can assure you that everyone volunteering is warmly welcomed, we really appreciate everyone’s contribution.

Without enough volunteers SPA will not be able to continue to raise important, much needed funds for the school and important projects may not happen. Your contribution will make a difference.

So please get involved. Don’t leave it to other people. We need your help to make SPA events a success.

Due to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, a number of scheduled fundraising events were unavoidably cancelled. This puts even more pressure on us to raise as much as we can in the remaining events for the current academic year (if restrictions are lifted) and in the new academic year 20/21.

Upcoming events you can help at include:

  • Car Boot Sale in July, September and October

  • Art Exhibition for Year 7 in September

  • Fireworks display in October

  • Christmas Fair on the first Saturday of Advent

Please email spaevents@stphils.org.uk and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to help.

Many thanks in advance for your support

Family Interviews with Senior Staff and Governors

New Intake Meetings -

Every family will be invited to a New Intake Meeting. These Meetings are scheduled to take place on Monday 6th July 2020 virtually by Google Meet.

Meetings will be scheduled for approximately 15 minutes between 8.30am and 5.00pm. You will be notified of your appointment date and time by email in May, followed by a reminder in June. You and your daughter will have the opportunity to meet a member of the Governing Body or Senior Leadership Team.

Prior to this meeting, please read the Home School Agreement, which is available in the Transition Form section of this website. Paper copies of the Home School Agreement Forms will be supplied at the New Intake Meetings and will be signed by the Governor or Senior Leader with whom you are meeting, as well as being signed by yourself and your daughter. Your copy will be returned to you. The school copy will be retained by the school.

It is intended that paper copies of all the Transition Forms will be given to families at this event. You can view all of the Transition Forms in the Transition Form section of this website.

The School Nurse will attend this event and will meet with students who have a Health Care Plan (HCP) and those identified with certain medical needs. Relevant families will be sent a separate appointment time if they are meeting the School Nurse. For your convenience, appointments with the School Nurse will be arranged to be as near as possible to your New Intake Meeting.

All families must please ensure that they include all medical conditions on the Online Family Information Form which must be completed by Saturday 2nd May.

Students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities will have the opportunity to meet with our SENDCo, Mr Keane at a later date .

Student Transition Work

Student Transition Work for the Summer

To prepare your daughter for September, we provide English and Maths work for the Summer to help build skills and knowledge in preparation for secondary school. This work will be provided to families at the New Intake Meetings with Senior Staff and Governors on Monday 6th July 2020. Please encourage your daughter to complete this work to help her with her learning and to prepare for her transition to secondary school.

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we will keep you informed if the meetings will take place on Monday 6th July 2020.

Transition Support for Parents

Online Family Information Form Reminder

Thank you to the many parents/carers who have already completed the Online Family Information Form.

For those who have not yet completed the Online Family Information Form, please see the guidance notes and complete this form as soon as possible, and by Saturday 2nd May at the latest, by following the link: http://stphils.link/transition

Guidance for completing the form:

The Online Family Information Form needs to be completed in one session. There is no opportunity to save the form part way, but the form does not time out.

We will be asking for the following pieces of information about your daughter throughout the form:

  • Contact details and address of preferably three, but at least two contacts.

  • Name, address and telephone number of your daughter's GP.

  • Details of any medical conditions and any medications taken.

  • You will be asked to check if your daughter is eligible for Free School Meals. For this check, you will need the National Insurance number of one parent who lives at the same address as the student transitioning in September.

We suggest that you gather this information before proceeding to complete the form.